Boosted Conversations

Boost  conversations using AI offering over 50% reduction in response times and improved Q-scores. 

Improve Productivity

Increase even your best agents response speed with insightful suggestions that reduce typing times and agent fatigue.

Real-time learning

The magic of AI allows for constant learning.  This allows even your newest employees to perform like veterans.

Introducing CARAtm Smart Response

The chat agent’s best friend.

Agents no longer have to keep typing the same things over and over.

CARAtm provides you with your frequent response so that you do not have to remember them.


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

This makes my job so much easier.  I don’t have to type the same answers over and over.  This will save so much time that I can use elsewhere.

Jimi – Lead Chat Agent

Our agents really like the product.  We would like to have more functionality built in so that they can be even more productive.

Melissa – CS Supervisor

We have no plans of turning off the service.  We like it so much that we have some new areas where we would like to use your product.

Andrew – Support Director

A few of the things CARA  can do for you

Personalize and maintain brand voice

Call centers struggle to train and retain good agents.  It is even more difficult to maintain a consistant brandvoice and tone when an ever changing and challening environment.   CARAtm works make this easier by suggeting conformant messages. 

Serve more, sell more & scale

By enabling Agents to be more productive, brands can now handle more visitors.    Answering these visitors questions quickly and efficiently leads to better conversion and sales for the brands.

Handle more customers with the same team

With the growing number of support channels, contact center managers find it challenging to keep the same team and handle more of these channels.   CARAtm lets agents move from channel to channel without having to have a steap learning curve.

Decrease customer wait times

By reducing the time it take for agents to respond to simple and repetitive queries, agents now have more time that they can use to service other clients.   Clients also do not have to wait long for agents to respond to their queries thanks to CARAtm Smart Response.


Harness the power of AI with limitless  customization possibilities


Agent Assist for Brand Company

CARAtm agent assist was integrated into Zendesk chat platform of an innovative hardware manufacturer’s contact center.   The contact center services call and chats from their customers on sales and support.


By using CARAtm, agents were able to answer questions over 50% faster.  This lead to more time available for other activities, less agent fatigue, and 30% shorter wait times.


By using CARAtm, agents were able to select well formatted and known correct answers which lead to increased conformance scores & higher satisfaction rates.


CARAtm enabled new agents to get productive quickly.   By using the system, new agents were able to get answers learned from senior agents. This lead to more completed chats.


By analyzing and monitoring every message sent by the visitors and agents, our system was able to predict who were the best agents.   This allowed the company to make informed decisions.

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